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Things to do in Cincinnati


If you live in or near Cincinnati, and like going out, then this is the community for you! Come here and share local findings with us, and maybe even find a new hangout of your own!

It's a brand new community so help us get it off the ground!

If this isn't allowed I'm really sorry, feel free to delete!



Greetings Cincinnati,
I have been in contact with T. Colin Campbell, author of the book  "The China Study" and he has an exciting project in the works that we can all help with. Not familiar with him? See www.thechinastudy.com and get the book - it's a must read.  He has created the Campbell foundation and is launching a new website that will be a MySpace like enviroment that features video's of folks telling how they have beaten disease or improved their health by adopting a plant based diet.  The website is www.plantbasednutrition.org. It currently only has a functioning email signup page to be notified of the June launch which I recommend you do.  Here is where you can help. They need lots of good video interviews to get things rolling and I am an independent  video producer in Cincinnati and have volunteered to record in a professional way anyone who has a story of the "Healing" power of a plant based diet.  For now you are tasked with finding people willing to have their story recorded and get them in touch with me to set up a short shoot. Best way is 513 886-2062  or  wforich@aol.com
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Great to find a Veg group in Cinci

Some interesting posts, Yes Cincinnati is not a great place to be a vegan. Only a group that unites will make it better.
Count me in to help do what we can. There is a trillion dollars at stake to keep America eating the way we are now.
As the Rasta's like to say "Babylon your days are numbered".
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A few friends and myself are trying to get a food not bombs started here in cincinnati
if any of you fine vegan/veggie people out there would like to lend a hand or help us out with an idea or two feel free to give me a ring at 5133256363


Let's face it there are not any vegetarian restaurants in Cinti!

Cincinnati sucks! There are not any vegetarian restaurants. They used to have Manna's but......of course it went out of business! The only real places that seem to have vegetarian friendly items are: Moe's
( Love the tofu!) Melt, Skyline ( The bean burrito isn't that great) And Chipolte. Cincinnati also sucks because we have P&G. I wish it would go out of business. I am happy everytime they are down in stocks. We seriously need to band together and make them stop testing on animals. I mean Jurgen's now KAO brands doesn't test on animals so why should P&G?? That make me vomit!
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Animal Lovers Please Help

Hello everyone! This is a last desperate effort to save a VERY sweet puppy.

Yesterday while canoing I found an abandoned puppy. She appears to be a few months old and in good health. As much as I want to keep her, I unfortunately cannot because of my older dog.

But, this baby has been through enough and she deserves a loving home and owner. So, if anyone can adopt her, foster her, or knows anyone that would like to have her, please let me know!


I'm not sure how to feel

about the fact that two seperate people emailed me chain letters (with pictures) of animals being tested on, and then one about animals being rescued after a hurricane. I love to hear good stories about all kinds of animals, but it pisses me off that all of these people sending these around eat meat. It makes my heart ache to think how many people are acting like they are pro animal rights, when the only animals they care about are domesticated ones. I responded to one person thanking them for passing the "anti animal testing" one around, but then I told him that those animals aren't the only ones suffering. Farm animals are too.  :(

I just wanted to vent. Thanks for reading.
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Global Day of Action against P&G

Hey everyone! As all of you may know Proctor & Gamble are notorious for their vivisection. They test their products (which range from Secret deoderant to Tide and many, many other products) on animals even though their rivals such as Revlon, Avon, Mary Kay and others have ceased all animal testing for more reliable alternatives. It's high time to remind P&G and their customers just how wrong they are.

I am wanting to organize a protest at P&G headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 19th. If you are able to participate please get a hold of me via my journal or through this email: OHanimalactivists@gmail.com. I also maintain the "Ohio Animal Activists" profile on myspace and you may contact me through there too.

Thank you everyone!

Arthritis Helped With Veggie Diets



For years people have suspected that foods are an important factor in the development of rheumatoid arthritis. Many notice an improvement in their condition when they avoid dairy products, citrus fruits, tomatoes, eggplant and certain other foods.

Initially, the evidence was anecdotal. A woman from the Midwest once suffered from painful arthritis. Today she is a picture of health, thin and athletic, and her arthritis is totally gone. It seemed that dairy products were to blame for her arthritis, for when she eliminated them from her diet, the arthritis disappeared completely.

A 1989 survey of over one thousand arthritis patients revealed that the foods most commonly believed to worsen the condition were red meat, sugar, fats, salt, caffeine, and nightshade plants (e.g., tomatoes, eggplant). Once the offending food is eliminated completely, improvement usually comes within a few weeks. Dairy foods are one of the principle offenders, and the problem is the dairy protein, rather than the fat, so skim milk products are as much a problem as whole milk.

An increasing volume of research shows...

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