. (kittyagony) wrote in cinti_veggies,

Global Day of Action against P&G

Hey everyone! As all of you may know Proctor & Gamble are notorious for their vivisection. They test their products (which range from Secret deoderant to Tide and many, many other products) on animals even though their rivals such as Revlon, Avon, Mary Kay and others have ceased all animal testing for more reliable alternatives. It's high time to remind P&G and their customers just how wrong they are.

I am wanting to organize a protest at P&G headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 19th. If you are able to participate please get a hold of me via my journal or through this email: OHanimalactivists@gmail.com. I also maintain the "Ohio Animal Activists" profile on myspace and you may contact me through there too.

Thank you everyone!

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