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Greetings Cincinnati,
I have been in contact with T. Colin Campbell, author of the book  "The China Study" and he has an exciting project in the works that we can all help with. Not familiar with him? See and get the book - it's a must read.  He has created the Campbell foundation and is launching a new website that will be a MySpace like enviroment that features video's of folks telling how they have beaten disease or improved their health by adopting a plant based diet.  The website is It currently only has a functioning email signup page to be notified of the June launch which I recommend you do.  Here is where you can help. They need lots of good video interviews to get things rolling and I am an independent  video producer in Cincinnati and have volunteered to record in a professional way anyone who has a story of the "Healing" power of a plant based diet.  For now you are tasked with finding people willing to have their story recorded and get them in touch with me to set up a short shoot. Best way is 513 886-2062  or

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