How do you leave the past behind... (schonesleben) wrote in cinti_veggies,
How do you leave the past behind...

Things to do in Cincinnati


If you live in or near Cincinnati, and like going out, then this is the community for you! Come here and share local findings with us, and maybe even find a new hangout of your own!

It's a brand new community so help us get it off the ground!

If this isn't allowed I'm really sorry, feel free to delete!



    Greetings Cincinnati, I have been in contact with T. Colin Campbell, author of the book "The China Study" and he has an exciting project in the works…

  • omg cincinnati

    let's do this thing.

  • Great to find a Veg group in Cinci

    Some interesting posts, Yes Cincinnati is not a great place to be a vegan. Only a group that unites will make it better. Count me in to help do what…

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